1. Finding Parts
Buyers can use feature:
a. Quick Search:
Quick Search only can be used by putting keyword ‘part number’ or ‘part name’. It will show all lists with the similarity with the keyword
b. Browse Parts:
This feature will lead the buyers get specific parts category. Buyers can browse parts by equipment type, brand, and group.
c. Browse Stores:
Buyers could search stores with specific information: Location, able to shipping across country, etc.  

 2. Wishlist
We provide feature wishlist for the buyers who doesn’t get the parts in our list. The Buyers can input the wanted parts in the wishlist. The wishlist will published in the website so the sellers could see all the wishlist parts        

3. Placing Orders
  Please follow this step:
  1. Register or Login 
  2. Find the Parts by Quick search or Browse Parts
  3. Put your parts into Cart
  4. Check Out the Cart