1. Open a store 

The Users can be a sellers or open a store by filling all store informations. 

Please follow the step below:                     

   1. Login or register as users

   2. Activate my store by filling store information: name, address, bank account

   3. Go to the inventory in my store

   4. Add parts to the inventory. Please checked if the equipment are already available? 

      If it hasn’t, you should create a new equipment

2. Input Parts for Sale 

There are two ways to input parts:

1) By add parts in inventory         

    Go to My Store > Inventory > + Parts ·

    or go to this link

2) By mass inventory uploads ·        

    a. Download the excel file ·        

    b. Fill the list based on the excel format ·        

    c. Upload the filled excel file  

3. Create Equipment List 

If the parts is not belong to any equipment in our database. Sellers must create a new equipment type, brand, series. The new equipment type will automatically showed up after create an equipment complete. Later admin will check if the list is valid for our database.

4. Sellers Credibility

Sellers Credibility can be granted by one of the terms below:

  1. Seller deposit money minimum $10.000,- to the heduparts account as the guarantee to the transactions.
  2. Seller already do more than 20 transactions with the 'minimum' nominal $30.0000,-
  3. Seller who got checked by our audit and has historical relationship with offline customers.

We always recommend buyers pay into heduparts account to avoid any fraud. We don't guarantee any transactions not going through our heduparts account.