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With the internet era, there are alot of ecommerce showing up.

We learnt that general marketplace could not cover the availability of heavy-duty equipment spare parts, due to a lot of merchandises in the market.

Since there are a lot of type and brand of spare parts in heavy duty equipment industri itself, it is troublesome in finding and buying spare parts in the general marketplace.

To ease the inventory and seeking proccess, the merchandises need to be put in specific categories or identifications.

Therefore, our platform serve a well listed and detailed categorized database for spareparts.

We believe the industry need a niche heavy duty equipment spare part market place.

Heduparts was founded by a CEO in a construction company serve in heavy equipment service. 

He experienced the difficulty to find spare parts both in online and offline stores. 

Typically, He needs to contact each store manually asking for the availability of the parts.

So, Heduparts come to connect seller and buyers of heduparts in a transparent marketplace and dramatically simplify the process of parts searching and purchasing.

As a seller you can sell slow-moving parts and reach the buyer who are in need. 

As a buyer you can be assured of finding any available parts easily especially the less common one.

The heavy equipment industry is growing faster with the development of construction, mining, plantation and forestry in every country.

Heduparts vision is becoming the largest online heavy duty equipment spare parts market place.

We believe online marketplace only fulfill 20 % to 30 % of the transactions in heavy equipment spare parts industry. 

By creating heduparts, we will accommodate and encourage the transaction using online. Heduparts will simplify the searching and the transaction process.

Heduparts will approach all conventional stores to sell their parts in online platform. 

Heduparts also will help the individual owner of heavy duty equipment could sell their used equipments without having a store.

Heduparts mission is connecting the buyers and sellers of heavy duty equipment spare parts.

Heduparts will help all brands of heavy equipments to market their products by making more parts available in market.