• What is Heduparts?

    Heduparts is a segmented marketplace for heavy duty equipment spare parts, consumables and accessories. We connect vendors, workshops and customers across country so they can buy and sell heavy duty equipment parts.
  • Is it free to buy and sell parts in this website?

    Yes, it is free. We are not planning to charge any fee for the transaction for now. Should any change in the policy, we will inform you later.
  • Can I directly contact the seller?

    All information about the seller is listed on our website. You could get in touch with them and even negotiate a price& shipment if you would like to. We are developing message tools so every member could chat directly in our website.
  • How do I trust your sellers?

    Everyone can be a Heduparts seller by email registration. We put the ‘certified’ label to the seller who have been through our check or who have go through a lot transaction. We may do a verification process by directly meet the seller and visiting their warehouse or their store. We may have checked the seller existence likes their identity, their residence, and the person in charge. However, all the transaction risk is by buyers itself. We only can appraise the trustworthy through the history of the number transactions.
  • How to do a safe transactions?

    We suggest payment to heduparts’ accounts. We don’t suggest and could not guarantee direct payments to the sellers even the sellers are granted ‘certified’ status in our list.
  • How can I find the parts in your website?

    There are 3 ways that help buyers to find a spare part: 1. Use quick search by part number or part name 2. Use browse by parts for more specific search It may combine the search by equipment identification (equipment type, brand, and series) with the part identification (part name, number, group, and brand) 3. Go to ‘all the equipment types’ tools in the home page, and follow the equipment menu Each of these 3 ways ensures that the part being searched accurately matches the sellers inventory.
  • I have a part that want to be sell, but I don’t know the part number or the part name of the stuff. Can I sell it in this website?

    No, you cannot. You only can put the items that has the identification: part name, part number and equipment series to your store.
  • How do I pay when I order something?

    Payment can be done to heduparts’ bank account or direct to sellers’ bank account. The payment verification is informed through our order list. We have no control over the payment if the buyers directly pay to the sellers.